10 Urban Farms to follow on Twitter!

Love viewing Urban Farming on social media but stuck on who to follow on Twitter?!

Well, worry no more as the Urban Farmer has compiled a list JUST for you.

So take a look and get following!

  1. @BrightAgrotech – If you’re interested in new technology, then give these guys a follow! They are the creators of ZipGrow towers which are an innovative way of growing fresh produce in urban farms.
  2. @GrowUpBox – They specialise in hydroponic and aquaponic farming by using the space in an unused car park in Stratford, East London. They give their produce to local markets in Stratford and aim to change the way in which farming is done!
  3. @GrownUnder – Growing underneath Clapham North underground station this team are growing an urban farm by using hydroponics and LED lighting. Give them a follow to find out more about their underground project!
  4. @aqua8co – They specialise in aquaponic farming which combines aquaculture and hydroponics. They offer training and workshops for those who attend – so give them a follow if you want to find out more about aquaponic farming!
  5. @FoodCities – They provide healthy and sustainable food for those in deprived urban areas. Give them a follow to see the amazing work that they do and the importance of fresh food in helping social economic problems.
  6. @allotinabox – They produce GYO boxes to encourage people to participate in urban farming. Give them a follow and get growing!
  7. @farmlondon – A hub, cafe and arts venue with a range of urban farming including indoor allotments and chicken coops which for us seems like a follow not to miss out on!
  8. @capital_growth – A team of four women who want Londoners to get involved in urban farming. They run a variety of volunteer programmes to get the community involved!
  9. @OasisFarmSE1 – Opening on 5th June 2015 and based in Waterloo this group of people hope to create a space for animals, plants and the community. Give them a follow and head down on Friday 5th June!
  10. @urbanOrchardist – They provide skills for the community to grow their own urban farms which will be better for the environment in the long run. They promote the importance of eating fresh grown food, yum!

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