A Question from our Community:

The Urban Farmer promotes the benefits of city farming.

We believe that it encourages the importance of fresh produce and helps communities cooperate with one another, surprising for a city with over 7 million people!

We were so grateful when we received a question today from urban farmer lover, Lauren Abbott. Lauren has a great love for animals owning a rabbit herself in North London.

However she suddenly became worried about the animals’ health on London farms due to levels of pollution and generic city life.

However rest assured Lauren, a report published from Nature World states that animals are the same as humans. Animals, especially City birds, have a greater life expectancy than in the countryside.

Despite concerns about pollution, their wellbeing is not hindered in the city.

City farms look after the wellbeing of animals by ensuring that they have enough grass and open space to survive. Furthermore the animals are taken on regular walks and are well fed, such as the donkeys at Spitalfields Farm.

Also according to Stepney Green trustee, Bessie, animals on London’s farms have a great impact on the happiness of Londoners.

So, thanks for the question Lauren and I hope that this answers your question.

Keep the questions coming guys as we love hearing from you!


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