How to make the best local ORGANIC Lamb Burger in town… at home.

A new local ORGANIC favourite from Kate’s Kitchen


It starts with a trip to Daylesford Farms in Notting Hill.  This Organic Farm located in Gloucestershire has now 5 stores in London- selling and serving top quality organic meat and produce straight from their farm.   I heard about this organic cafe and grocery near my neighbourhood and had to go check it out.  Expecting high price tags on beautiful food- I was pleasantly surprised at the options I took home- one of which is a favourite… Lamb Burgers.

Many are always on the hunt for local organic food at affordable prices which can be challenging.  For this single girl in London- 4 already ORGANIC Lamb burgers for less than £8 was a find!   OK- so the burgers were already in patties – even better in my book!  And to find a locally farmed lamb this close with a good price- SOLD.  Anyway- it’s not a perfect burger without everything else on top.  For our Urban Farmer London Cooks – here is the best locally farmed lamb burgers to make at home.

Step 1- Buy these at the Daylesford Farm Store closest to you



Step 2- Have these ingredients ready

Bread of choice, sliced onions, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, spinach, gruyere cheese, Salt, Pepper, Olive Oil

Step 3- Time to cook

Slice mushrooms and onions.

Warm Olive Oil up in a med-hot skillet, add sliced onions and sauté for about 10 minutes.

Get Grill ready and hot for the burger as the onions are cooking

Add Mushrooms and turn heat up slightly for about 3-5 minutes. (careful NOT to overcook the mushrooms!) 

Add Salt and Pepper to taste.

Step 4- Grill up the burgers on med-high heat

Make sure to get those lovely grill marks!

Have the sliced gruyere cheese ready and the bun sliced and for toasting. Timing is everything. 

Step 5- Serve it up with your choice of sauce.

Step 6- Don’t forget the red wine

Favourite wine pairing for lamb would be either a Pinot Noir or Nebbiolo from Italy



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