Looking at London: Public Open Space

Map of London Greenspace Open space
Image rights granted by Maria Longley at Greenspace Information for Greater London (GiGL)

The Urban Farmer took a look at some stats collected by Greenspace Information for Greater London (GiGL Source) to assess just how much of our beautiful capital is open space with public access. Generally, the picture looks quite good!

Total Area

However, not everyone is benefitting from this huge amount of public open space. As you can imagine the great majority of this open space lies to the outskirts of the city. And as this dataset takes outlying boroughs into account, much of the space is to be found in Hillingdon, Richmond, Bromley and the like.

A better measure would be to look at how individuals can access this green space. The image is much graver. Measuring people’s access to all four categories of open space, only 16.6% of Londoners have access.


There are some stars however. When we reduce the figures to just the 10 central London boroughs, Tower Hamlets comes out on top with almost 6 million square metres of open public space.

Islington doesn’t fare so well, and has the smallest amount of open space of any London borough by a long long way! Just 2 million square metres!

Havering is London’s open space star, with 67 million square metres! That’s 20% more than the London average!


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