The Urban Farmer’s Lunchtime Hotspots!

Good Morning!

So the bank holiday is over, but look on the plus side – four day working week! In order to make those four days as enjoyable as possible, we at the Urban Farmer have compiled a list of our favourite lunchtime destinations that provide us that midday kick to see us through the afternoon. Local produce, local people, and great food…. so let’s dive in!

Exmouth Market

This one has it covered – from Japanese and Vietnamese, to French or Italian – Exmouth market has an abundance of lovely restaurants. But best of all, when the clock hits twelve, Exmouth Market plays host to an array of fantastic food stalls! German, Thai, Indian, Turkish… there’s no end of choice, and much of it locally sourced!

Learn more here!

Whitecross Street Market

Just a little further South is another hidden gem. Popping up at midday for stressed office workers, one can hope to find hog roasts, vietnamese noodles, and french baguettes. While you’re at it, take a chance to browse some of the arts and crafts stalls that accompany the food market!

Learn more here!

Lower Marsh Market

Flying South of the river now, to one of London’s most underrated market destinations. Lower Marsh Market recently launched its Produce Market – so while you’re grabbing a lunchtime bite to eat, grab yourself the components of a lovely, locally-sourced supper! From fruit and veg, to meat and game; Lower Marsh has you covered!

Learn more here!

Berwick Street

A reliable lunchtime spot in the heart of Soho. Also, while you’re here take the chance to support local business and browse some of the other stalls to see what’s on offer…

Also, check out their new stylish website here!

Kew Village Market

Now for the most charming of the markets on our list. Kew Village Market truly is a taste of the countryside in London and is a stalwart for us here at the Urban Farmer. The produce on offer is unparalleled and while it may not be feasible as a lunch spot for you City workers out there, stay-at-home mummies and daddies might want to take advantage of the wonderful weather a take a trip here. Enjoy a pot of tea, a scone, and some thoroughly good company!

Learn more here!

Broadway Market

And finally we leave you with our star choice – Broadway Market. Broadway is experiencing a bit of a revival at the moment and it’s well-deserved. This market upholds all the values we hold dear here at the Urban Farmer – supporting the community, sourcing locally, and great food! We won’t try and explain the place too much, just make sure you go visit… SOON!

Learn more here!

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